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Ninety nine percent of what you buy ends up here in six months, according to The Story of Stuff. Photo by John Nyberg,

Coming to Terms with the Problem of Stuff

At some point the amount of stuff that we have becomes so big that it interferes with our ability to enjoy it. If you missed it when The Tides Foundation’s The Story of Stuff video went viral, it’s not too late to catch up now. It’s a motivating, empowering short film to watch, particularly in our society, where advertisers and
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This view of David's Island from Glen Island is a little south of where I continually viewed the Island from. Photo: Jim Henderson, Wikimedia

Connecting with David’s Island and Fort Slocum

If you spend time in nature it will increase the odds that it can be saved. Sometimes passion is all it takes. Embedded in my mind and the minds of thousands of people, young and old, are memories of warm summer days and sultry nights spent on the strip of beaches across from David’s Island in New Rochelle, New York,
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Fox too

How to Live Green

If you want to “live greener”, spend as much time in nature as you can and don’t underestimate the importance of doing so. That’s what Bob tells people who ask him how they can help protect the environment. The personal connection to the earth that you nurture, Bob says, creates the kind of passion that will translate naturally into protecting
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Scorpionweed Field at Sunset, Misty

We Found an Affordable Way to Go Solar (& it Feels So Good!)

Solar hot water heaters can help you recoup the cost in a fraction of the time of solar electric. I never knew that it would feel so good to get off the grid. We want almost nothing more than to come off the grid and burn less fuel. We couldn’t find a way to make solar electric work for us
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Photo on 2012-12-04 at 12.57

No-Wrap, No-Waste, Non-Materialistic, Somewhat Intimate, Happiness Trio, Best Loved Christmas Gifts

The most loved and memorable Christmas gifts I ever gave or received weren’t made of plastic. I didn’t have to stand on line to purchase them, most didn’t even have to be wrapped. Unlike ninety-something percent of the manufactured stuff that we buy, they didn’t take up space in a landfill rotting, or worse, refusing for all eternity to rot.
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